Client Name: Qabalan Bakery

Country: Jordan

Client overview:

Qabalan bakery has been in the market since 1995, We knew they have a huge potential and that they can be 3 times bigger what they currently are. We approached them in July-2020 and succeeded to gain their trust.

The problem:

  • Due to Covid19 pandemic they were facing 50% drop in sales, Our first mission was the ” Eid Al Adha “ Campaign. Since they got 50% drop in sales in ” Eid Al Fitir” in the previous month in June, they said only if we can achieve 80% of whqt we sold in the same Eid Al Adha holiday of 2019, but we had a different thing to say.
  • We signed with the Client in 5th of July and we had to start the campaign in 24th, we only had 19 days to do the Strategy, plan, photo sessions, art work and everything.


Our main objective was to achieve 80% sales of the 2019’s Eid.

The strategy was:

  • Produce unique very attractive photos showing our products as the perfect dessert for a wonderful hospitality in this special occasion (Eid).
  • Focus on the main benefit people look for in Eid’s desserts: making their guests happy and honored with the best hospitality (Taste and Look).
  • Set a very precise detailed targeting to best monetize the budget.
  • Set a 1000$ ads budget divided as 60% Facebook 40% Instagram.
  • Use a very contextual friendly tone of voice and be closer to our customers.
  • Activate the online ordering through a mobile application and target audiences with health concerns.

Results Summary:

In 17 days, we have succeeded to achieve the following results:

  • 350,000+ reach.
  • 850,000+ impressions
  • 37,000+ post engagements.
  • And most importantly despite the hug effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, we got 99% of sales of the previous year.

Theme and posts/before

Theme and posts/After

Eid Campaign

Offline marketing

Personalized Invitation

Public Invitation


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