February 20, 2021

Ahmad Khatib

TikTok is considered a social network, especially among teenagers as a short video platform.

It’s more of a social network since a user can share videos among a wide range of categories from viral challenges to different amazing lip syncing ideas. That’s exactly what makes TikTok an amazing app to grab your attention and the attention of your audience.

TikTok’s huge viral sign is the fact that it has hit over 1 billion in app downloads overall, making it more popular and even more influential; serving all types of influencers on a golden plate.

Not to forget the fact that TikTok is currently raising security concerns. This is a huge challenge the Chinese company must go through, especially under the vulnerability umbrella.

The application’s mother company, ByteDance, has stumbled upon a settlement with the parties who filed a lawsuit against TikTok’s limited data protection policies. While disputing important claims as part of the complaint, it was addressed in proposing a $1.1 Million settlement, assuring that a resolution has been made.

Lastly, what matters the most is what makes TikTok different from its ancestor Musical.ly. Modernized TikTok is not only about lip syncing, but more about a broader options of various content, such as adding special filters, sound snippets, wide selection of sounds, and so much more.

It ended up being endorsed by celebrities, starting with the very famous #tumbleweedChallenge by Jimmy fallon, in late 2018. All we can say is that we must focus on the popular platforms coming up nowadays and paying good attention to what could possibly raise our ROI!

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